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Assabil launches “ 99 recipes for promoting reading” in Lebanon

“99 Recipes for promoting reading” is a new book launched by Assabil, a Lebanese organization which promotes reading and the establishment of public libraries, during a press conference that was held in Monot Library – Beirut funded by the “Henrish Paul”institution.
This guide written in Arabic by Nawal Trabulsi and Mary Riviere and designed by Jana Trabulsi suggests 99 events for promoting reading amongst children and youngsters.
The book includes: an introduction on how public libraries work, linguistic games, illustrations, drawing exercices, exercices on documentation, a guide to working alone and with a group, an introduction to different civilizations and learning modern technology. The main goal of the book remains the promotion of reading to all children and young people. This guide is also useful for educators and people working in the teaching field since they can always find inspiration in it.  “It does not claim to impose its educational model, but gives ideas that can be adapted by each person in their own way and can be adjusted to fit certain needs, in Lebanon and the Arab world.”
Organizer: Assabil
Details: July 2009.

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