Ministry of Culture

Public libraries open their doors to people with special needs

Within the framework of “Beirut World Book Capital” and in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture the project “Public libraries open their doors for people with special needs” has been launched by the  ” Foundation of Al Hadi for hearing and visual disorders for language and communication” on Wednesday October 14 at the Library of Al Sayyed Hussein Fadlallah – Haret Hurek.
A group of students attended the event coming from four different schools, along with their parents and important people from the cultural and literature background.
Mrs. Fatmeh Shahine spoke of the project and about the important role it’s offering to the disabled and addressed the audience by saying: “it is a mobile activity between Lebanese libraries in different cities especially the rural ones; the responsible will explain how to deal with the deaf and blind and how we can help them in writing and reading.”
Then, Mrs. Shahine offered detailed explanations about what can help this group of people through slides along with images and sounds which helped the students, who were following with attention, to grasp the idea which contributed to the activation of the desired outcome of this activity.