Ministry of Culture

The Arab and International Book Fair of Beirut

The Minister of Culture Selim Warde made an inspection tour of the Lebanese, Arab and European pavilions at the Arab and International Book Fair of Beirut which is being held at BIEL. He was accompanied by the team of Beirut World Book Capital, headed by the Coordinator General, Dr. Leila Barakat. The Minister responded to questions from journalists on its first estimate of his tour, saying: "Lebanon is known for being the publisher of the Arab world, the titles of books from Lebanon representing nearly 30% of Lebanese exports. This demonstrates the importance of the book against Lebanon in general and to Arab countries in particular. This strengthens the role of Lebanon within its Arab environment; the book fair is the crowning achievement of the Arab Cultural Club whose influence continues to grow each year. 
"What distinguishes the fair, continued the minister, is the participation of Arab and European countries. This shows that Lebanon has become an important cultural reference of choice for both the publishing industry and the book. 
Regarding Beirut World Book Capital, the Minister of Culture said that "Beirut is the ninth World Book Capital. We work as part of this pioneering role that will be completed with the new department."The activities undertaken by the Ministry of Culture, he said, are the result of successive governments, and our ministry will continue to create new projects and developing the cultural sector”. He said he wanted to hold a press conference next month to explain the strategy and the prospect to boost the cultural issue. 
Similarly, the Minister Warde expressed his admiration of the volume of publications on various subjects, especially those affecting children, in Arabic, a language that we missed in the past and who was not present in our programs and libraries

At the end of his tour, the Minister of Culture visited the pavilion of Beirut World Book Capital where he was photographed with the team working this event.