Ministry of Culture

In the program for BWBC: 600 activities in 365 days

To mark the great prosperity of literature this year, the office of Beirut World Book Capital has published a third edition of its official program. It includes 400 projects broken down into 600 activities.

April 23 2009- April 22, 2010: if the year is of great diversity, it is especially thanks to the extreme involvement of the actors of the book industry and the Lebanese civil society. As the program of festivities grew day by day, it became imperative for the office of Beirut World Book Capital to officially establish the current cultural profusion: this was done on October 1st, with the new edition - in Arabic
– of the official program, including all past and future activities in Lebanon and even abroad. The four main areas addressed throughout the 368 pages of this program ...

• Beirut World Book Capital Abroad
• The intense mobilization of foreign embassies in Lebanon
• The fate of the Arab and Palestinian cause
• Major writers and international awards given to Beirut
• Conferences, symposia and international and regional forums
• Many projects consolidating the image of Beirut as a place of cultural diversity

• A policy to encourage creativity
• Poetic Space
• Meetings of the book with the theater, the screen and Technology
• Production of electronic books (ebooks) and audiobooks (audiobooks)

• Support for the publishing sector in Lebanon (training, workshops, etc..)
• The publication of statistics for better organization of the publishing industry
• Intensification of book fairs in Lebanon and art exhibitions around the book
• Improving the quality of Lebanese participation in book fairs abroad
• Developing a vision for spreading the culture of reading (in schools; reading week, etc..)
• Creation and support for public libraries and schools for better management
• Mobile Library visits and cultural regions
• Writing Contest and encouragement of reading in public places
• The production of a collection of books on Beirut promoting the city through its cultural face
• Books explaining the concept of cultural tourism and cultural history
• Promotion of children's literature and Capacity creators - writers and illustrators - books for children
• Encouraging the production and reading of comics
• The story and storytelling workshops
• Heritage conservation through documentation and translation

• Campaigns and projects that provide the book the greatest possible number of readers
• Cities dressed in pound (monuments, paintings, etc..)
• Publications of Beirut World Book Capital
• The most beautiful texts on Beirut World Book Capital
• Committees and the team Beirut World Book Capital
• The monthly calendar of projects for Beirut World Book Capital.

Call for applications for projects
Beirut World Book Capital was launched last April 23 and ends April 22, 2010. If the program (download here) has kept all its promises, the office of the general coordination of Beirut World Book Capital invites all the universities, municipalities, NGOs and schools that have not yet organized activities for BWBC to develop projects and submit them to the following address: to be included in the official program of the event. The presence of these new projects will enhance the image and culture in Lebanon