Ministry of Culture

Training program for publishers from the Arab World

In the framework of Beirut World Book Capital, the Minister of Culture Salim Wardeh distributed diplomas to directors of publishing houses who completed a training session organized by“Akademie des Deutschen Buchhandels”, during a celebration attended by the president of the Publishers Union in Lebanon Mrs. Samira Assi, the president of the “Goethe-Institute” Mr. Farid Majari and a number of directors from Lebanese publishing houses at the Holiday Inn hotel.

Wardeh thanked all attendees for their serious presence during the training period and assured the determination of the Ministry of Culture in funding all projects that will help the permanent cultural development such as the training program celebrated today despite the high costs

Mr. Majari thanked the Ministry of Culture for its trust in German skills.

Note that eight international experts were summoned in the context of this training which was marked by the presence of owners, managers and decision makers in 27 publishing houses: Naufal, Dar Al Ilm llmalayin, Al Maktaba Al Sharkiya, Al Dar Al aarabiya lel Ouloum, Dar Al Moualef, Academia International, Dar Al Adab, Dar Maktabat Al Maaraf, Nobilis, Tamyras, Al Arkam, Al Intichar Al aarabi, Dar Alef, Dar Kounbouz, Dar Abaad Jadida, All Prints Distributors and Publishers, Centre for Arab Unity Studies, Dar Al Koutoub Al Aalamiya, Al Markaz Al Thakafi Al Aarabi, Librarie du Liban, Dergham for Printing and Publishing and Dar Al Kalam.