Ministry of Culture

« Writings by women and about women» Book Fair

In the framework of Beirut World Book Capital and in collaboration with the Minister of Culture “Salim Wardé” a book fair entitled « Writings by women and about women» will start on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 8, 9 and 10th of March, at the UNESCO palace, Beirut.
The opening will occur Monday afternoon where
a few words about the event will be addressed to the audience by both the head of the Board, Dr. Aman Kabbara Shaarani and Dr. Leila Barakat coordinator of Beirut World Book Capital, followed by a cocktail party on the occasion.
This project highlights “Writings by women and about women” in an attempt to exhibit and promote women’s work and encourage and include women in building civilization. The exhibition will be based on collecting books from Lebanese, Arab, and Foreign Publishing houses.
The exhibition will include seminars shared by: Doctors Ikbal Barak, Leila Al Atrash, Fatima Youssef Al Ali, Anisa Abboud, Nour Suleiman, Mohammad Ali Moussa, Carmen Boustani and Mounif Moussa.
This event falls right at the coincidence of the international women day on March 8 as well as the day where Lebanese women win citizenship rights.