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Archived Events

Seminar of Mexian writers of Lebanese origin
Conferences by Mexican writers of Lebanese origin. The participants are : Carlos Martinez Assaad, a reasercher in lebanese influences on mexican cinema, Barbara Jacobs Barquet and Leon ...
Organizer : The Embassy of Mexico.
Date : September 2009.
Dramatizing poertry - each encounter between art and literature is creative
Dramatizing poetry, dancing, music and movement in a creative representation where all arts will borrow tools and ways of expression from each other. This performance involves young ...
Organizer : Caroline Hatem, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture.
Date : Autumn of 2009.
The Lebanese art book festival
After eight months of preparation which will culminate in May 2009, contacts with various publishers, writers and artists, and the collection of several books and works of art, an exhibition of books ...
Organizer : Fine Art Publishing, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture.
Date : From August 12 to August 25, 2009.
"Public place for reading - Non-obligatory seating" by Nada Sehnaoui
This project is based on the controversy between the fixedness of the seat and the movement of the bodies in an attempt to create a public area for reading on two levels: -A reading space ...
Organizer : Nada Sehnaoui in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture.
Date : Last week of September 2009.
The revival of the publication of modern Arab poetry
Due to the fact that some editing houses have renounced the publication of poetry, Dar an-Nahda has launched a project for the benefit of poetry. This project aims at promoting modern poetry, both ...
Organizer : Dar an-Nahda for Printing, Publication and Distribution.
Date : May 2009.
The refurbishing of Beirut's poorer districts, thanks to drawings inspired from educational books and sites
In order to cover the walls of the buildings of Beirut’s poorer districts with drawings inspired from educational books and sites, two among Beirut districts will be selected for embellishment ...
Organizer : Eye Strategy Communication, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture.
Date : August 2009.
Six stories, Six bridges
This project aims at developing a new perception of the book, which transcends the art of writing, through the use of different and new audiovisual and scenic tools. It strives at building bridges ...
Organizer : Dar al-Adab for Publication and Distribution, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture.
Date : September 11-13, 2009.
A book fair about Beirut
This project aims at linking the 10th Annual Book Fair to the “Beirut World Book Capital 2009” event. In addition to the traditional exhibition of books, educational magazines, and ...
Organizer : The Makassed Philanthropic Islamic Association of Beirut – Omar Ben Al-Khattab Faculty, Farouk School.
Date : April 27, 2009.
"Tout, tout, A Beirut"
“Tout, tout, à Beirut” is a project that includes the writing, translation, production and distribution of books, as well as the promotion of reading and Lebanese literary ...
Organizer : “Bekfaya Public Library” and “Al-Mtein Public Library” in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture.
Date : September 2009.