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Directives :

Your project proposal should be in line with one of the three objectives of Beirut World Book Capital Year – 2009. These objectives are: Strengthening the book sector in Lebanon by supporting the various stages of book production and distribution: favoring creativity, encouraging innovation, raising publishing and printing to higher professional standards, spreading relevant information and strengthening book distribution in the Lebanese market through the network of libraries, and strengthening it abroad mainly by participating in book fairs.

Particular attention will be paid to books aimed at the young-adult market, which should lead to an eventual expansion of the entire book market.

Promoting reading in designated places, such as schools and public libraries. The purpose is to promote books and their authors, bring books into the home, develop a taste for pleasure reading, and establish the use of libraries as a regular practice. Furthermore, it will involve placing the book within reach of the largest possible audience, favoring book-related activities even in places where books are not normally present, such as public spaces, squares and streets.