Ministry of Culture
Upon the nomination by UNESCO of Beirut as World Book Capital for 2009, the Ministry of Culture adopted a partnership approach, seeking as many partners as possible : ministries, embassies, NGOs, cultural institutions, intellectuals, etc. Its purpose is to create a true cultural dynamic at the entire national level.
Beirut World Book Capital 2009 has three objectives. Publishers and booksellers are keen on the first objective which deals with the strengthening of the book industry in Lebanon, with special focus on youth literature. Schools, for their part, are rallying around the second objective which aims at promoting reading and the taste for reading. Finally, embassies are interested in the third objective, namely, the adoption of a diversified approach to culture, by inviting writers from their countries. German and Mexican poets, French novelists, Italian and Egyptian publishers, Spanish designers, Swiss illustrators, Dutch book professionals, Algerian, Moroccan, Syrian, Tunisian and UAE booksellers are thus expected in Lebanon starting April 23rd, 2009.