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The Yemenite embassy is organizing a poetic evening on July 27 at the UNESCO palace, starting 6 to 8pm. This evening will be animated by the poet and musician Mohammad Abdo Ghanem, and the Bedouin poet Mohammad Turki.


The activities of the workshop conducted by the francophone author Gisele Eid and under the patronage of the ASSABIL association went on on July 9 in the library on Monot street. The participants had to write about an imaginary place in Beirut. They were asked to make a complete description of the premises including the smallest details. These workshops, which will continue their activities on the Thursdays of this month, are taking place within the framework of Beirut World Book Capital, in ...


Within the framework of Beirut World Book Capital, the Jury of the Deir el-Qamar festivals held a press conference on July 7 during which they made official the program of this summer’s activities which have been organized with the cooperation of the ministry of Culture. Amongst those who attended the event was the director general of the ministry of Culture M. Omar Halablab, representing the minister Tammam Salam. He made a small speech during which he insisted on the important role the ...


Under the high patronage of acting minister of culture Tammam Salam, the writer Ahlam Mostaghanni and the singer Jahida Wehbeh are inviting the press to attend the signing of Mostaghanni’s latest book “” and the release of Wehbeh’s latest CD “Ayouha nissyan habni kouboulatouka”.
The event is taking place on Thursday July 16 at 8pm at the Unesco palace, Beirut. 


Ending the first round of activities organized by Samandal in collaboration with the ministry of Culture within the framework of Beirut world book capital, the artist Stephane Noel gave, on July 3, a conference on the history of comic strips. He spoke of what is called the 9th art in Belgium, the cradle of comic strips from the beginning of the Tintin adventures until “The employee of the month”, an anthology compiled by Noel himself. Within the framework of Samandal, Noel had ...


Within the framework of Beirut world book capital, Dar Al-Jadeed is organizing a literary meeting on the theme of “Beyrouth reads Cairo”, with the Egyptian writer Hossam Fakhr, laureate of the Swires Price. The event will take place on July 10 at 7pm, in Haret Hreik, in the Selim’s family garden, by the Imam Mehdi Mosque and the UMAM hangar. The writer, Hossam Fakhr, lives in New York and is the author of a number of novels and books, amongst which are: Hikayat Amina (Les ...


Within the framework of Beirut world book capital, the Friends of Jawdat Haidar Committee organized, at the ministry of Education a competition for the recital of his poetry among second high school classes – literature and humanities section.  The event was attended by a number of cultural personalities as well as students and their parents. Fadi Yark, general director of the ministry of Education, gave the kick off  by giving a speech on the role that the  deceased poet ...


Within the framework of Beirut world book capital, the Holy heart sisters’ Ain Nejm school inaugurated a cultural week. A number of students and teachers showed their work, which was displayed in the hallways of the school. Poems, theatrical performances, and a number of activities were but a fraction of what the talented students produced.
These activities will carry on for the rest of the year, under the supervisions of Georgette Abou Rjeili.


The French Embassy launched its “Writing letters to Beirut” project at the Great post office at the Riad El Solh square, on June 30. This event was attended by representatives of the ministry of Culture, the ministry of Telecommunication and the president of the municipality as well as the i-loubnan team, Denis Gaillard, the cultural advisor to the embassy. The latter encouraged interested persons in participating to the “Writing letters to Beirut”  and announced ...

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